Fox Valley's Best Private Golf Lessons

Private Lessons with a PGA Professional

Add Distance and Consistency to YOUR game!!!!!

Swing By King in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, South Elgin & North Aurora

Regardless of your experience level, EVERYONE wants to be more consistent. Your long list of swing thoughts, tips from other players and your most recent article read in the magazines keep you from lower scores and enjoying the game more. Do you want to win more bets from your buddies or simply achieve your goal of breaking 100? You can get there with personalized coaching from PGA Professional and Fox Valley Golf Lesson Guru Brian King.

Brian understands that not everyone can swing the same way, has the same physical attributes, or the same goals. This understanding helps him to CUSTOMIZE your program for YOUR Goals! This is all about you!

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Swing By King Facilities

Swing by King teaches during the spring, summer and fall Prairie Landing Golf Club. In addition to the tremendous outdoor practice area at Prairie Landing

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Learn From The Best

Throughout his professional career, Brian has taken part in a number of golf related endeavors. See here how Brian's experience can help your game

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Reviews & Testimonials From Real Students

"I have known Brian King for approximately 20 years and have watched his development as a golf professional. Brian is one of the most competent teaching professionals anywhere in the Chicago area. He has the knowledge that is needed to teach players at all levels. He has an easy low key approach which allows students to relax in the instructional setting. Brian gets results and cares about his student’s long term improvement."

-Dr. Jim Suttle-
2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year